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TH-D72 - Nový firmware

Napsal: čtv 01. pro 2011 8:59:00
Na strance ... ate_e.html je dostupny novy firmware pro stanici Kenwood TH-D72. SOucasne s niím je k dispozici take nova verze software ... p4a_e.html.

Zmeny ve FW:
Updated items : (Version 1.04 1.05) [November 30, 2011]
Updates the following features.

1. Adds the Menu No.3Q2:[APRS]-[Auto-Reply]-[Delay Time] as a new function.
When you receive an APRS message, operating the transceiver during the delay time will cancel sending an auto-reply message.
You can set the delay time to "0 sec", "10 sec" (default), or "30 sec". Setting to "0 sec" sends an auto-reply message without delay time the same as before updating the firmware.
2. Adds characters "AA:" which means "Auto Answer" at the beginning of auto-reply messages' text following the recommendation in the APRS SPEC Addendum 1.1.
3. Changes the name of the Menu No.3T1:[APRS]-[Sound]-[TX Beep (Beacon)] to [TX Beep], and enables the output of a beep sound when transmitting an auto-reply message as well as a beacon (position packet).
4. Adds "Edit" function in the APRS message menu. It enables editing of the destination callsign and sentences in received or sent messages and resend.
5. Due to adding the "Edit" function above, disables automatic quotation when using "Reply" function.
6. Adds the Menu No.13A:[RADIO]-[TX/RX]-[TOT](Time-out Timer).
You can set the length of time the transceiver can continue to transmit to "0.5 min","1.0 min","1.5 min", "2.0 min", "2.5 min", "3.0 min", "3.5 min", "4.0 min", "4.5 min", "5.0 min", or "10.0 min". The default setting is "10.0 min" the same as the fixed value before updating the firmware.
This update changes the TH-D72A's Menu No.13A (WX Alert) and 13B (Auto WX Scan) to Menu No.13B (WX Alert) and 13C (Auto WX Scan).

* Due to the updates above, the Memory Control Program MCP-4A also has been updated to Ver.1.03.
Revises the following symptoms.

1. Voice Alert function might not work correctly after pressing [TNC].
POZOR, nova verze programu ma pravdepodobne nejakou chybu a nelze s nim nahravat konfiguraci do stanice. Resenim je prozatim neinstalovat tuto novou verzi a pouzivat starou (1.02). S ni lze data normalne nahrat.

EDIT 2.12.2011: Problém s nahráváním vyřešen, je dostupná oprávněná verze programu MCP.

Re: TH-D72 - Nový firmware

Napsal: pát 02. pro 2011 10:51:09
Problém s nahráváním vyřešen, je dostupná opravená verze programu MCP.